Underside - Session 2

Entering the town of Eraweb, the party notices the singed and blackened buildings. Soon after arriving, a raiding party of ogres, goblins, and an animated Scarecrow enter town and set some fires. The party stops the menacing attack and puts out all the fires. Afterwards, a female ranger, Mirah, notices the party and invites them to the local tavern to talk. After finding out their story, she tells them that Anwar would be best at answering their questions about this strange new land.

One of the Eraweb villagers rushes up to Mirah and explains that another villager is missing. This now makes six missing. With the party’s help, Mirah tracks the raiders back to an old crypt. After fighting through Ghouls, wererats, and disarming some devious traps, the party was able to save two of three villagers. There was no sign of the other three. However, one tunnel in the crypt had been blocked on purpose.



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