Underside - Session 3

With no other options, the party returns to Eraweb. After resting, the party follows Mirah to a cave on the outskirts of the town. She calls to someone and a monstrosity emerges from the darkness. Korroll has been transformed into a hideous creature. Part human, part spider. Mirah plans to stay the night with Korroll but she points them toward the monastery where Anwar is staying.

After arriving at the monastery, they gain an audience with Anwar. The party explains how they arrived in the Underside and asks how they could get back to Urrl. Anwar assumes that since it took an act of great evil to open the portal to the Underside, then an act of a great deed could possibly open one back to Urrl. Helping to transform Korroll back to his normal human self would be a good start to providing a good deed, but possibly ridding this land of the ruling deity, Nosfer (a vampire lord) would be the greatest deed Anwar could think of.

It had been rumored that Saint Arachnae, leader of the Red spider cult, had an amulet containing powerful transformation magic. He and Mirah have been searching for the resting place of Saint Arachnae in the hopes of finding the amulet and using it to help Korroll. Anwar believes the party has arrived at just this moment in time to help him and Mirah in their search. He sends them to Rivenroar Castle, one of the rumored resting places of Saint Arachnae. He will also reward them for retrieving any items belonging to the Red Spider Cult.

The party finds the castle and starts exploring. In the first room, they are accosted by a few hobgoblins. The party takes most of them down, but one gets away. The party chases after the hobgoblin. fighting past a couple of drake swarms in another room, they find the hobgoblin cowering behind a fountain of water.



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