Underside - Session 4

The hobgoblin surrenders. The party agrees to let the hobgoblin go after it promises to not attack the party, and to leave the castle. The party trudges back to the original room where they meet a warlord coming down the steps into the castle. He is another victim of the portal, sent to find the mayor’s daughter when the original party never came back.

Quirnion joins the original party, and they continue exploring. Heading north, the party travels down another staircase the opens into a huge room with a dirt floor. The ground is covered with 4 different types of mushrooms. Deciding that they don’t need to be stealthy, the party awakens 3 rage drakes slumbering among the mushrooms. after an exhaustive fight, the party overcomes the rage drakes, while contending with a few clouds of spores and one nasty poison that lasted more than a few rounds.

The party decided to set up watch and rest for an extended period after the fight.



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