Underside - Session 5

At the end of the last session, our intrepid heroes decided to use an extended rest in the mushroom chamber. evil laugh

Torvak took the first watch. During his watch, he noticed a low hissing and went to investigate. He discovered that the white mushrooms were filling the room with a gas of some kind. Before he could reach the rest of the group, he succumbed to the sleeping gas.

The party awoke on a path in a forest, finding a door standing on the path with no obvious means of support. They ignored a warning specific to one of the party members, and entered through the door anyway. They followed the path past the door and was affronted by several weird creatures. Golden armadillos with a ruby embedded in their foreheads, squirrels who cursed at them in Elvish, and white fluffy giants that tried to hug them to death. The party survived and continued along the path finding more weird creatures. A giant snail with many heads, a technicolor cow, rabbits with unicorn horns, and a mole which was able to dominate Ferathir for a couple of rounds, but couldn’t make him attack his allies.

To be continued…



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