Underside - Postponed

the Underside campaign has been put on the back burner to concentrate on the Ravenloft campaign.

Underside - Session 7

The party continues to find some Red Spider Cult items. After finding and defeating the Hobgoblin leader, Sinruth, they discover more about Geinacrue and Saint Arachnae.

They return to Anwar and find out about the prophecy. When the Red Spiders rise again, Evil will prevail and the lands will become one.

Anwar goes to a Council meeting while the party awaits for the results of the meeting.

Underside - Session 6

Our intrepid heroes have awakened from their mushroom, drug-induced nightmare and are continuing their search among the ruins of Castle Rivenroar. They have discovered a few Red Spider cult items for Anwar.

Underside - Session 5

At the end of the last session, our intrepid heroes decided to use an extended rest in the mushroom chamber. evil laugh

Torvak took the first watch. During his watch, he noticed a low hissing and went to investigate. He discovered that the white mushrooms were filling the room with a gas of some kind. Before he could reach the rest of the group, he succumbed to the sleeping gas.

The party awoke on a path in a forest, finding a door standing on the path with no obvious means of support. They ignored a warning specific to one of the party members, and entered through the door anyway. They followed the path past the door and was affronted by several weird creatures. Golden armadillos with a ruby embedded in their foreheads, squirrels who cursed at them in Elvish, and white fluffy giants that tried to hug them to death. The party survived and continued along the path finding more weird creatures. A giant snail with many heads, a technicolor cow, rabbits with unicorn horns, and a mole which was able to dominate Ferathir for a couple of rounds, but couldn’t make him attack his allies.

To be continued…

Underside - Session 4

The hobgoblin surrenders. The party agrees to let the hobgoblin go after it promises to not attack the party, and to leave the castle. The party trudges back to the original room where they meet a warlord coming down the steps into the castle. He is another victim of the portal, sent to find the mayor’s daughter when the original party never came back.

Quirnion joins the original party, and they continue exploring. Heading north, the party travels down another staircase the opens into a huge room with a dirt floor. The ground is covered with 4 different types of mushrooms. Deciding that they don’t need to be stealthy, the party awakens 3 rage drakes slumbering among the mushrooms. after an exhaustive fight, the party overcomes the rage drakes, while contending with a few clouds of spores and one nasty poison that lasted more than a few rounds.

The party decided to set up watch and rest for an extended period after the fight.

Underside - Session 3

With no other options, the party returns to Eraweb. After resting, the party follows Mirah to a cave on the outskirts of the town. She calls to someone and a monstrosity emerges from the darkness. Korroll has been transformed into a hideous creature. Part human, part spider. Mirah plans to stay the night with Korroll but she points them toward the monastery where Anwar is staying.

After arriving at the monastery, they gain an audience with Anwar. The party explains how they arrived in the Underside and asks how they could get back to Urrl. Anwar assumes that since it took an act of great evil to open the portal to the Underside, then an act of a great deed could possibly open one back to Urrl. Helping to transform Korroll back to his normal human self would be a good start to providing a good deed, but possibly ridding this land of the ruling deity, Nosfer (a vampire lord) would be the greatest deed Anwar could think of.

It had been rumored that Saint Arachnae, leader of the Red spider cult, had an amulet containing powerful transformation magic. He and Mirah have been searching for the resting place of Saint Arachnae in the hopes of finding the amulet and using it to help Korroll. Anwar believes the party has arrived at just this moment in time to help him and Mirah in their search. He sends them to Rivenroar Castle, one of the rumored resting places of Saint Arachnae. He will also reward them for retrieving any items belonging to the Red Spider Cult.

The party finds the castle and starts exploring. In the first room, they are accosted by a few hobgoblins. The party takes most of them down, but one gets away. The party chases after the hobgoblin. fighting past a couple of drake swarms in another room, they find the hobgoblin cowering behind a fountain of water.

Underside - Session 2

Entering the town of Eraweb, the party notices the singed and blackened buildings. Soon after arriving, a raiding party of ogres, goblins, and an animated Scarecrow enter town and set some fires. The party stops the menacing attack and puts out all the fires. Afterwards, a female ranger, Mirah, notices the party and invites them to the local tavern to talk. After finding out their story, she tells them that Anwar would be best at answering their questions about this strange new land.

One of the Eraweb villagers rushes up to Mirah and explains that another villager is missing. This now makes six missing. With the party’s help, Mirah tracks the raiders back to an old crypt. After fighting through Ghouls, wererats, and disarming some devious traps, the party was able to save two of three villagers. There was no sign of the other three. However, one tunnel in the crypt had been blocked on purpose.


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